Andrew Robshaw
(BSc, MSc)

Sloan Fellow of London Business School

Thankonomics challenges the Fundamentals of business and appreciation. We work each day to create these common concepts, spending our lives in organizations trying to increase them. But what do these words really mean?
The pages in this book will take you on an intriguing and entirely logical journey that will shake the very basis of your life assumptions and change your perspectives. It will explain a simple system for measuring value in real-time, exposing the shortcomings of the accounting and economic processes that we currently use.
Thankonomics is a radical paradigm shift that will result in an exponential, non-inflationary expansion of the economy. It will make everyone richer, happier and more fulfilled. It will also put the long-neglected not-for-profit sector on par with commercial organizations and ensure that value is accurately measured whenever and wherever it is created, not just at a point-of-sale. If carried to its logical conclusion, Thankonomics will enable the greatest shift in the global economy since the invention of the coin.


Marcelo Bravo
Marcelo BravoCEO Ox Vac, UK
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This is not a long book but needs to be read slowly and carefully and then re read. The concepts presented are powerful and revolutionary, shaking the foundations of economics as we know it and offering an alternative to the exhausted economic model of the present.
Rohit Millstein
Rohit MillsteinInvestment manager Sugarland, USA
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The book is very insightful and provides a very sound basis for strategic value assessment and evaluation. A worthy read for any business executive.
Jonathon Lloyd
Jonathon LloydChair of Heritage Crafts Association, UK
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Why has no-one else thought of this? People are surely worth more than their ability to make money. We need to value care and appreciation much more than we do. Clearly shown by the crisis in the current care system. A very topical and apposite book, truly revolutionary.
Rowena Frith
Rowena FrithDeloitte Digital Customer Strategy and Applied Design, Australia
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A great challenge to current thinking, something we need in today’s crazy world!

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